Take control over your order statuses.

Easily manage your order statuses and notify your customers and partners when their order status changes.

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Granular order status control

Create and assign custom order statuses to your orders.

Notify partners and suppliers

Send notifications to your partners and suppliers when an order status is set.

Order lookup page

Let your customers lookup their orders with a combination of their email address and order number.

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Who is this app for?

Manufactory is designed for online stores that sell products that require several steps between receiving the order and fulfilling it. It enables you to communicate the current order status to your customers in a transparent manner, reducing customer inquiries about orders.

How does the app work?

You can add as many custom order statuses as you want with the Manufactory Custom Order Status app. The customer can be notified of the change along with any other custom email address you enter when you create a status. This can be used to notify suppliers and partners.

The app also creates an Order Lookup Page that allows your customers to check on the status of their orders, even if they don't have an account in shopify. They simply enter their email address used when they made the order and the order number.


Manufactory is highly secure, as no customer or order data is stored outside of Shopify.



$0 / month

50 statuses per month


$5 / month

500 statuses per month


$20 / month

2250 statuses per month


$40 / month

6000 statuses per month

Custom pricing

$40 / month

6000 statuses per month

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